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Ryan Scroggins is a tattooer, artist, painter, musician, philosopher and student of the western mystery traditions. He is also a chelonian conservationist keeping and breeding rare species from South America. A true Renaissance man of the age! He has been an artist, musician and lover of nature in all aspects his entire life.

He has been tattooing professionally since 1996. The mentionable shops that he has been a part of include: Body Language, Lucky Starr Studio, Hot Stuff Deluxe Tattoo, Amazing Tattoo and now the Flying Squid! He is what most people would refer to as a “traditional tattooer.” Most of his inspirations (art wise) as of late are based on ancient Egypt and spirituality, along with traditional tattoo imagery. He still performs live music occasionally with multiple bands including: Los Skarnales, Secret Agent 8, Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans, Greenlion and the Bandulus. His music style is a mix of reggae, world music, traditional country and blues.

Besides tattooing and music, Ryan is also an ex-herpetologist with three years at the Houston Zoo. He breeds rare aquatic turtles as a personal passion on his own time. You can contact Ryan at any time through the provided to book an appointment for tattooing, commissioning a painting, booking a show, etc.

Ryan says “Thank you for your time and interest. Love and light!”

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