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Mel Mo’ Black got her first tattoo at 16. From this moment she knew tattooing was what she wanted to do. At 16 with no experience, she focused on creating art daily until a solid portfolio was built. The more she focused on her art, the more she knew becoming a tattoo artist was her passion. Mel began her apprenticeship in Tennessee in 2011. One of her mentors was a tattoo artist by the name of Todd Barrett. He was an admirable artist who consistently stayed focused. He once told her, “Why limit yourself to other artists' abilities, when you can continue to grow for yourself?” This is something that has stuck with her and a key point that inspiration changed from the lifestyle to being an ever evolving artist.


In 2013 Mel met Tattoo Legend Lyle Tuttle, a fond memory that blossomed into a cherished friendship. She describes this as a pivotal movement in truly understanding and appreciating the rich history of tattooing, and in being a tattooer. A relationship, that she considers the most important in her entire carrier. She spent 6 years tattooing in Galveston, Texas at various studios.


Her choice mediums outside of tattooing are acrylics, graphite, watercolor, colored pencil, and music. Mel feels as a tattoo artist, if not constantly evolving you can fall off so she perpetually learns and absorbs from many artists no matter what their medium may be. Some days she finds herself literally going from one creative project to the next whether it is tattooing, painting, drawing, or music. Gathering inspiration from the past, and many cultures, she enjoys tattooing her original designs.


Mel has a versatile tattoo style, and looks forward to working with you!

Feel free to contact her for commissions and check out her band ‘India Tigers in Texas