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Houston born Catfish, the owner, is unique and creative with his one-of-a-kind art and tattooing style. He introduced a new, memorable canvas to the world of art and is rapidly becoming known for his many one-of-a-kinds, India Ink art created on tobacco rolling papers.


Growing up in Denver Harbor, Catfish worked with his hands, assisting with the family farm in Victoria, TX.  He gathered much of his artistic inspiration from cartoons and comics. Among these, one of his favorites is the well known Speedy Gonzalez. Besides his love for cartoons and comics, Catfish was mostly motivated by his artistic Uncle Mitch. These inspirations brought us Catfish’s whimsical imagination transferred through to the one-of-a-kind art.


In his younger years, Catfish landed his first paid artistic job at a place most of us still remember– Astroworld.  He was employed as a caricature artist, creating his humorous cartoon renditions of the patrons of Astroworld. For seven years, Catfish created these commissioned pieces, from which some of us may still have! His pop art is a mixture of comics, cartoons and Day of the Dead themes; ranging from boldly beautiful to dark and humorous.


Catfish Perez has accomplished much in his artistic journey including having one of his posters placed in a Rolling Stone magazine.  Many of his pieces have shipped overseas and even ended up with “Scareface” from the Ghetto Boyz and Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top.  He is open to turning anything possible into art, using items like tree bark, shells, rolling papers, sticky notes, skateboards and even skin.

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